The Network

I tent to only do self installs when I set up internet service. Right now I have Comcast 320Gbps service with unlimited data. It has been straight crap for quite some time but lately Metronet fiber optic company has been moving into town and suddenly, Comcast has been on their best behavior lately. HAHA. I have been averaging about 120 to 160 Mbps and now this is constant:

Speed Test

HAHA, The damage is done Comcast. I am still switching. I am paying $162 a month for this service and Metronet is unlimited 1GB Fiber for $89 a month. You lose. 

Here is a really crude and rough topology of my network and the very reason that ISP techs freak out and call for support when they come over. When we opened up my tech room door and the loud hum of all my rackmount servers hit the Comcast tech he turned white as a ghost and asked in a fearful tone "What are you running here?". That is really funny. Basically, I have separated my kids and TVs from me and wrenched down on their bandwidth because their streaming and gaming was killing me. Plus, my kids are little hackers that like to mess with daddy so they get their own VLAN and have a BUNCH of ACLs preventing them from being jerks to me and my wife. The Visio smart TVs I put over there in the blue net are each on their very own VLAN but physically connected to the blue net. I did this because they like to inventory mac addresses on the network. Well, they are getting 2 mac addresses in their inventory now. Their own and the Cisco Router that is their gateway. HAHAHAHAHA.. My Purple net is for me to learn about security things and practice. I play with exploits. These machines only run when I restore a snapshot then when I am done, it gets destroyed. So, the only thing running in this network is the file server and all the files are in individual containers protected with passwords. That is a VERY bored machine, LOL. Other than that, purple stays empty most the time. Green I have my wife and I on and our devices. I am thinking about doing so DNS-Fu to have a little more control over where the kids go on the internet but haven't decided the route I want to go. I really don't like the glitchiness of squid so that is a no go. 

You are probably wondering why I would post this... no big deal. It changes all the time. I really don't care. It is my home network for playing around, watching TV, and doing my college work. My wife watches HGTV and surfs the weird side of Amazon. Not much to protect there. The only thing I really want to protect is my kid's traffic and what they see on the interwebz.. that is kind of hard to do.