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If you have come to my site to learn how to hack, sorry. I don't teach that. I will teach you how to do cool things with tools and any procedures used to exploit are for educational and awareness purposes only. There is no intent to do any harm to any system that you do not personally own. The intent is to learn to harden your system to mitigate these types of attacks. If I have a segment on how to brute force a garage door pin, I will follow up with how to protect against this attack. My article on how to hack into Windows in under 90 seconds is followed by how to protect against this attack using app locker and other tools that would detect the wrong hash on a system file. 

If you are firing up your legal team because I offended your tender nature with one of my posts, please go to your safe space and put on a safety pin and suck your thumb until you are no longer scared. Your lawyers have better things to do than to attack one of the good guys. This statement is for you Mr. Lazy admin who is upset that these methods are devastating against your machines. No, I am not taking the post down. I am not posting anything that is not already common knowledge in regards to info security. You need to either harden and fix your network or find another line of work. I hear Wal-Mart is hiring greeters. 

Seriously, if my web page triggers you.. there is a red button in the top corner of your screen.. click it. 

Brought to you by letter B for butthurt. 

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